Rogue - Artful Dodger


AC = 17
HP = 27

Fort = 12
Ref = 17
Will = 15

Weapons: Short sword, hand crossbow (equipped); dagger (stored)
Magic Items: Boots of the Skirmisher


Zarra doesn’t remember much about her past at this point, though she has managed to figure out that she’s cursed. Somehow she came under a curse that prevents her from stealing—a pretty big career impediment for a rogue. Zarra seems to have past connections with the other members of her party, but it is as yet unclear what the extent of those connections are.

GM input: So far, Zarra has remembered that as a child she was a worshiper of Secoria, and that she is likely responsible for recruiting Ronan into the party. Notably, she also saw that she and Ronan fought a duel some time before that, which she appeared to lose.


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