The Amnesia Campaign

Friends in the Desert

While making their way through the Berean desert, our heroes were overcome by a sandstorm and became separated from Uthal. In the swirling winds, they fought off a swarm of Kruthik and saved a man who had been wounded by an arrow.

The man took him to the camp of dark humans called the Admullawi, where their leader, Zalbag, recognized Memphis as the one who trained him and ultimately helped him gain his position as their chief. In thanks he lavished various gifts upon the party, and asked that they join him on a raid of one of the walkers that trundled through the desert carrying tourists to Lost Wages.

As they caught up with the metal giant in the sandstorm, the raiders latched on with grappling hooks and boarded the walker. As it turned out, there were no tourists and easy pickings this time – it was loaded with various guards and mercenaries as a trap for the raiders.

After several minutes of hard fighting and the loss of several Admullawi, the walker was eventually seized and looted. Some of Zalbag’s men found Uthal in the desert, and the party took the walker as their transportation and proceeded on to their destination at Secoria’s crossing.

Lost Memories in Lost Wages

Awakening in the midst of a dark ritual, the Heroes of Ayer’s Mill, aided by Uthal, quickly dispatched the cultists at the top of Apex tower, and disrupted their ritual to summon a being called the Unshaper. During the battle, the Unshaper reached into the tower from the Shadow Realm and damaged the tower, causing Tuzlin and several cultists to fall ten stories.

Though they had lost their memories, they quickly figured out that killing certain individuals and monsters that were surrounded by dark auras would reveal some of those memories to the group.

After saving the city from the Unshaper, the party visited the Mayor of Lost Wages, Theodore Kelving. The meeting did not go well. The Mayor was angry with Uthal and the heroes for breaking out of jail earlier, and didn’t appear to entirely believe Uthal’s claims about saving the city. Zarra and Anya further cemented their poor relations with the mayor by purloining a small statue belonging to the mayor.

Tired after their ordeal, the party found a business card in their clothes and returned to the inn listed there. Tuzlin, now apparently possessed by a shadow demon, attacked the party. Though he was driven off, he whispered something before he fled. “Help me. Ninety-four”.

The next day, the party met with Donnis Moore, who offered the Ring of Truth from his own hand if the party could lower the barrier. Memphis remembered that he had been especially interested in this ring to give to Baron Kreicher before the heroes lost their memories.

Anya had just recovered a memory of how the barrier worked, and was able to use this knowledge to pinpoint the location of the device producing the barrier.

The Heroes found the device in a janitorial closet beneath an Orcish Poetry ring. While Ronan distracted the crowd by fighting in the ring (and experiencing a vivid memory of a duel between himself and Zarra), the others managed to disable the device, destroying the barrier and freeing the city from being trapped inside.

Now the heroes have left the city, and headed for Secoria’s crossing.

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